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Love London: Faithfulness

Sometimes when I look at the enormity of what we are facing, I feel like my actions are too insignificant to make any real difference. As I was contemplating this, I felt the Lord remind me about the impact of faithfulness. Being faithful or steadfast is the only way great things are done.  The pyramids, majestic as they are, were built by hand: brick by meticulous brick. Even our modern city skyscrapers rely on hours and hours of diligent, careful planning. A flash in the pan approach may bring radical, quick change, but it is usually short lasting and often has as many (if not, more) negative affects as it does positive. 

So as I approach the task of loving my family and my city, I'm convinced that a steady, paced, consistent approach is what's needed. That if I continue to do the little things, they really do matter. That doing the washing, making dinner, checking the kids school work, going to work, seeing a few patients, calling a friend to check how they are doing, supporting my local businesses, teaching my kids to love Jesus and appreciate each day; really can impact my family, my work and maybe even my city. 


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For most of us, the start of 2020 has felt surreal. Except for a few visionaries out there, many of us never expected our lives to be turned upside down in such a short period of time by a viral pandemic. It's been so uncomfortable to change my whole routine: no friends over for meals, no leisurely picnics in the park, and getting a Tesco delivery has become the highlight of my month. 

How do we respond to this crazy turn of events? For me, the answer is love in action. Love my city in whatever way I can: by staying at home where possible thereby protecting the vulnerable, by being a mom and loving my family, by serving my community through my work and by praying to God for all those who are sick and suffering at this time. 
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I understand the desire to be fruitful, but some of life's most fruitful times come from times of prolonged rest. Paul made his greatest contribution to his ministry when he could no longer preach, teach and travel. I wonder if Paul would have had the time to write the books of the bible if he wasn't imprisoned or if he spent all his time worrying and trying to maintain what isn't possible to maintain while in prison? Paul is not alone in being productive during times isolation and reflection. Isaac newton, Shakespeare and many others composed great works during quarantine. 
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